Not all Y-Pipes are created equal!

While planning your full exhaust upgrades please take into account that if one improperly built aftermarket component is used it can cause DETRIMENTAL fitment issues while installing other components, this is why we recommend ONLY using high quality components! For example, a .5” - .75” shift in Y pipe or test pipe length can cause your exhaust to hit OEM components like your W Brace, Differential, Driveshaft, Bumper, etc.

Before moving into the new 350z/G35 applications we at ISR Performance conducted in-depth research in order to deliver the highest quality affordable performance parts possible while retaining direct OEM Fitment.

To begin developing our Y-Pipe and other exhaust components we purchased a 350z and G35 chassis, and began removing and jigging the factory components which we would use to build our aftermarket high performance pieces in.

In order to ensure factory fit and avoid any possible movement within the factory Y-pipe which features 2 flex sections in both the HR and DE variants, we welded both Y-pipes solid prior to removal, and then used the solid piece to build our fixture.


While building our Y-pipe back exhaust systems we retained the factory catalytic converters as well as our OEM Y-pipe which was welded solid. We did this to allow us to develop parts that would fit like OEM while utilizing larger piping, smoother radius bends, and larger resonators and mufflers all while maintaining the highest ground clearance possible. This allows your VQ to make the most power possible with an easy installation and years of trouble free use.

By taking these extra steps to ensure proper dimensions, our parts can be used interchangeably with OEM components as well as other aftermarket components which are designed to fit like OEM. However, if you are using our components with other manufacturers which may not use as exact jigging and manufacturing processes, some fitment issues may occur, this is why we recommend ONLY using ISR, OEM, or other high quality manufacturer’s parts while building your Z or G.

Below is a sampling of OEM VQ35DE, VQ35HR, ISR and other aftermarket Y pipes to illustrate how using improperly constructed parts can lead to poor fitment and performance. Please note the height differences between the OEM and various aftermarket components.

We have also seen that other aftermarket manufacturer Y-pipe merges are sometimes constructed poorly and could result in some power loss. This is why ALL Z33 and Z34 ISR Performance Y pipes use a formed velocity merge.

ISR Performance Y-Pipe velocity merge with larger volume and smoother gradual transitions.

Just remember when modifying your Z33 or Z34, not all Y-pipes are created equal!

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