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Launcher Progressive Nitrous Controller


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Nitrous Oxide Systems is proud to present the Launcher. It combines all the functions a nitrous racer could ever want into a single, easy–to–use controller. This handy device can be programmed to independently control up to 4 stages of nitrous from a laptop computer or via an available full color 3.5” LCD touch–screen. Easy to use graphical software makes the Launcher a breeze to program. The launcher is available in 3 basic configurations. It is available as the launcher controller only; the Launcher controller with 3.5” color LCD touch–screen (Includes stylus and mini SD card for data–logging); or the Launcher controller with the handheld tuner for data–logging and quick changes in the staging lanes.


  • Fully Programmable via laptop
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, ME, XP, and Vista
  • NEW innovative NOSbus 2-wire network interface for seamless integration with other ted products
  • Easy to use graphical software
  • Free software and firmware updates updatable by the user, downloadable off i-net
  • Available with a Handheld controller with SD card slot and USB interface for quick changes in the staging lanes and data-logging without laptop in the vehicle
  • Available with a 3.5" Color, touch screen LCD for the ultimate in programming and looks. (No laptop Required)
  • 3.5" Color, touch screen LCD also features a SD card slot for saving configuration files and data-logging as well as a USB interface
  • Full data-logging capability for easy reviewing of past runs through laptop, handheld controller (SD card) or LCD touch screen (SD card)
  • Ability to save configuration files for easy set-up at different tracks or for weather conditions
  • Handheld controller or LCD touch screen allows changes in the staging lanes without laptop
  • Fully programmable 2 stages of nitrous control and with the optio nal slave controller n add two more stages for a total of 4 fully programmable stages of nitrous control
  • Can be programmed to add or take away nitrous at any point to compensate for track or weather conditions
  • ntegrated TPS for use on fuel injected or drive by wire vehicles without the need of a separate WOT switch
  • Two programmable activation inputs
  • Activation of nitrous can be provided from a power input, ground input, or a Falling or Rising TPS signal
  • Features an internal MAP sensor for nitrous ramps based on boost PSI
  • Solenoid control channels with a load capacity of 40 amps for use with large solenoids
  • 1st gear lockout to prevent the nitrous from being triggered until the RPM cutoff has been hit the first time
  • Two 1 amp general purpose outputs for timing retards, purge, or any activation switch (two additional on the optional slave controller)
  • Use WBO2 controller P/N 15979 for rich or lean nitrous cut off. Requires Holley WBO2 sensors P/N h or P/N 534-194 NTK (NTK requires a 534-199 extension harness)
  • Customer has the option to enable lean and/or rich nitrous cutoff with a programmable delay time up to 1 second. Richest/Leanest AFR data is also logged along with the nitrous data for advanced analysis
  • Pause Enable Option - when retriggered, (pedaling event) the ramp will continue where it left off (rather than starting over from scratch)
  • Nitrous pressure sensor input for data-logging


SKU NOS15977
Brand NOS (Nitrous Oxide System)


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